Hypermobility and FAI: My chat with Dr Mark Wilms of Windy Hill Osetopathy

So when I was skiing yesterday I met this lovely guy in the cafe who is an Osteopath, I was talking about my skiing and mentioned I had a hip operation. He immediately said
“Ahh FAI? Labral Tear???” and the conversation went from there.
He was impressed that I was up the mountain 5 months post op and boarding even better than him (sorry Mark…This a guess) πŸ™‚ We then met again later coincidentally in a pub and talked about my experience over dinner much to the delight of our partners who dont have an interest in FAI!
A couple of key points from our conversation were:
  • Hypermobility: I am hypermobile as defined by the 9 Point Beighton Hypermobility Test. This is interested as obviously the surgery for FAI could be considered to exacerbate thsi condition offering even more mobility…Controversial?
  • Key factors that seem to crop up in FAI cases. My experience looking on forums etc is that ballet, horse riding, yoga, running…. these things seem popular with the FAI crew. Coincidence??
  • Yoga as not a good thing for hyper mobile people like myself, the need to focus on strength work. I can confirm this as the stronger I am the better I feel with regard to all joint pain including my hips.
  • Bilateral surgery does not happen as a rule yet in Aus. I think that my surgeon Dr Matt Brick of Orthosports is really ahead of the game in terms of doing the bilateral surgery. I will revisit his reassurance to me. Quote

We have done about 80 bilateral surgeries
We are publishing our results
no extra pain
no extra painkillers taken
no extra time back to work
no extra complications
results just as good when compared to patients who had only one hip done
You will still get around with crutches
Patients do very well”
I can confirm that all of these reassurances were true in my case anyway. It seems I have had the model recovery which further inspires me to blog as I want people to konw that if you go into this in the right place and time in youu life for you body, you have a chance at an amazing recovery and increased quality of life. There seems to be a lot of negativity on the forums. My story is a positive one. Only time will tell now with respect to long term prognosis but I am happy for now.
As usual any questions please feel free to contact me.

Mark, did I get your name and practice right? I think I did but if not let me know and Il update!! Great talking with you.

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14/08/2013 Update!!! Snowboarding and skiing at 5 months post op

So I have had a few requests for updates, and had another milestone yesterday so a quick update.
Last month had a trip to Italy, did loads of walking…loads….. And this really seemed to help kickstart my glute action again…I used this time to focus on that and knew when I got back from Italy I would start running again.
  • Am now able to run for approx 25 mins
  • Am getting really into barefoot running, am running on the beach a lot and working on forefoot striking, Im using this experience to totally change my running style, this takes a lot of patience and patience is something I need to exercise at the moment anyway!
  • Am steadily increasing mileage but with focus on form
  • Went off without a hitch, I was understandbly quite weak and easily fatigued but no pain.
  • Had plenty of falls as usual and no extra pain from these
  • No FAI pain. πŸ™‚
  • No pain in the 3 hour car journey either (this used ot be a problem)
  • Confidence is low ‘trusting my body” is harder but this will come with time
All good this has always been my best sport
Cycling/Mountain Biking
Also all good as before.
Horse Riding:
Β Comfortable, happy back to 100%. Can even mount from the ground.


So all in all a great recovery so far πŸ™‚

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My first Run!!!! Week 14

Hey guys, just a quick update. Today I did my first run!! I had been getting itchy feet for a while, dashing from here to there, and have just had the urge to try a run. So I put on my gear and headed out into the blustery NZ weather for a little jog.

I jogged for ten minutes straight, then had a four minute break, another 11 minutes then wakled for the last 5 minutes.

I had no pain during my run, slightly tight calves and feet but no hip pain at all, I made sure to really use my core and keep good form. I had no hip pain whasoever, when I came back inside I did some yoga for 15 minutes just to strecth out and have been sat at my desk for the rest of the afternoon.

No adverse effects so far!! Il take a day off tomorrow then try to get back to it on Friday πŸ™‚

Big smiles all round, the first run of many.

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Week 13: A quick update

Hi everyone just a quick update so you know how my life is looking at week 13 post surgery.

Did yoga twice last week, felt fantastic to stretch.
I went horseriding twice this week, feel back to normal.
I went mountainbiking all weekend in Rotorua, felt great the whole time, legs are a little weak but no hip pain at all.
Surfed Raglan point break on Monday, this involved walking over slippery rocks, jumping into surf and then catching waves. Felt great!

So my life is almost back to normal, I will be running at lunch today πŸ™‚ A little one! The only real thing I noticed is how weak some leg muscles are which is making me a little tentative in my sports, I dont quite trust my legs, but this confidence and strength will come back. No hip pain at during or after activity. Physio down to once a fortnight.

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An update at the 6 1/2 week mark!!



So clearly I didnt post every day or even every week. The thing is I didnt see a lot of interest in the blog so gave up a little but guess what….I remember most of it! So Il start with a brief run down to this point.

Week 1:Post Surgery…

Amazing, in the middle of the night after surgery I need to use the bathroom, the nurses are like, “let get you up then”. Crazy me thought there would be some kind of bed pan…Despite all I had been advised I still couldnt quite get my head around the fact that I was able to weight bear with crutches straight away.Β  In hindsight of course that had to be the case with both hips being done at once. So they unhooked my oxygen and I (with a lot of support) very slowly made my way to the bathroom. By the time I got there I was very dizzy and white! They brought my oxygen over.. πŸ™‚ This was just a post aneasthetic thing, nothing to do with my hips. Those were my first steps! They hurt a little, thats what happens when you have had approx 7 litres of saline pumped round your joint! It was still oozing out..yuck! Its funny it looked like blood but much waterier.. See photos at the bottom.

Life in hospital the next day was fine, I had my TV, my lovely partner to hang out with me, all my home made food I brought as well as AMAZING hospital food. Couldnt be happier, the pain meds were great they really helped me to feel comfortable. I really appreciated having two nights in hospital too, maybe thats because I am not from NZ and the nurses were so nice and mothery, I just felt really well cared for and that was what I was after πŸ™‚

Week 1: Day 2 Ok so I had my surgery in Auckland and live in New Plymouth (4 hour drive). As you can imagine I was a little concerned about this drive but you know what? It was a breeze, we squidged me in really tight and bundled me up in duvets so that my legs couldnt move side to side, we even stopped in nandos for lunch and I crutched (albeit veery slowly) around from the car etc. What was clear though was that 1 x 5 minute jaunt had me spent! I think I slept most of the rest of the way home πŸ™‚

Week 1 Day 3:

Aha…. Overdoing it… Im sure everyone does this at some point but the smart ones do it once πŸ™‚ So I clambered my way into the shower, (no mean feat, claw foot bath, it was like yoga) washed my hair….nice…. put on a dress and had a friend pick me up for lunch. Now if this was my only activity for the day I would prob be fine but no… I then went to my partners parents for dinner, by this point I was feeling rotten so I did and eat and leave…a bit rude but the pain wasΒ  getting to me by then and I wanted my bed…

Week 1: Day 6

This is the day I stopped painkillers, proper painkillers, I kind of weaned off them i.e just took them at night but then by Day 6 I was completely off them, just kept taking my Voltaren (diclofenac??) once a day for three weeks (something about stopping heterosofic ossification or something).

Week 2: Day 10

Stitches out….Yay!!! One wound was a bit oozy so I kept it covered for a few days extra and used steri strips on it…. Soon healed up fine.

Week 2: Day 12

I got my exercycle for the house, Im amazed…I can do it! It doesnt hurt to sit on the bike!!! (I thought it would..convinced myself..) So from this day started doing that for 30 mins a day. Also saw my physio, had been getting sore lower back and was kind of hunching over with my butt out…she did some release on my back to make me more comfortable and urged me to try to stand up straighter. I think at this point I emailed my surgeon, the thing was it hurt to stand up straight and tuck my bum under, so should I be doing it? He said that the illiopsoas would be rubbing over where the labrum repair was, and that would be getting tender, just to not worry too much about posture for a minute and the pain should settle then I can work on it more.

Ah yes and back to work!! Only 6 hour days this week to help me fit in rehab but its good to be back and using my brain. Sitting at a chair is fine but I do get stiff if I sit in the same position for too long. One thing I found frustrating was, ” What happened to you”, followed by, ” You’re too young for a hip operation”…Yes. Thats right. I am too young, my surgeon was really reluctant but I managed to convince him!!!!! Haha…I guess you have to just roll with it, its a weird injury too because 1) No one can see it 2) No one knows what it is. They just compare you to the old fat guy waddling around that had a total hip replacement…

Week 2: Day 13

I hit the pool!! Oh how I loved it….. The outdoor pool in the sun, I would crutch over to the edge, but once I was in the water, pool buoy between my legs, tentatively at first, I found I could still swim like a fish (more like a fish I guess that that I had ‘no legs’). Oh the joy, so I prob swam a km or so, then it was onto the hard work. Aqua jogging, lots of this and I was thrilled to feel the effects it had on my ROM, for some reason it was a lot easier in the pool to get more movement. So I did lots of standing exercises in here too, but wow it just felt so good to move. The pool kind of spelled the end of my back aches and my return to mobility. I love the pool, you should too if you have this surgery. I was so lucky as well we had 3 weeks of perfect sunshine here when I was doing rehab, so it felt like a real treat. Good tan lines πŸ™‚

Week 3 – 6:

Physio twice a week, every week, exercise has tapered off a little but still in the pool a lot and and the bike a bit (should be more). By week 6 I was able to start gentle kick in the pool so started with kickboard and now can swim well again. I cant believe that. Week 6 I also took my horse out for a ride, was able to do gentle walk and canter. Also went for a night out and had a tiny boogie…. (I feel guilty writing this!!) My surgeon recommended no walking for leisure (I guess that includes dancing) for 12 weeks, this is to allow the cartillage to fully heal solidly. I am pretty goood, I avoid walking most of the time only the essentials but we all have our moments. My physio has been really good she does lots of quite firm release on my hip flexors, scars, and IT bands, my back if I need it too. She is great!!! Go New Plymouth Physiotherapy!! She has really helped me so much. Also had my post op X-rays at week 3 and spoke to my surgeon, they were all good.

I am joining the gym next week and am going to attempt cross trainer but by and large my life is back to normal aside from the few restrictions on walking/running. I can swim bike horseride… Oh Il have to be honest about this too, one of the major hip aggrevators is, umm….evenings with the boyfriend. There are ways around this πŸ™‚ You can make it work from about week 2 if you are careful!!!! (Dont know about you guys :))

So now its all about increasing ROM, with work, this gets better every day, following my rehab programme carefully with my physio, and keeping motivated with all the exercises. Physio is always hard to find time for. I must be more dilligent!!! My FAI pain is gone…I dont get that same pain, now I get a little stiffness, but not the deep pain I used to. Its awesome. I am very excited about my recovery and now its all about patience and dilligence.

I will keep posting..any questions please ask..! Here are a couple photos of me in hospital yuck!!!

Me still asleep...

Me still asleep…

Yuck...Saline is oozing

Yuck…Saline is oozing

Cleaned up on the other side ready to go home

Cleaned up on the other side ready to go home

Incisions...... 3 to match on the other side, they say symmetry is beauty :)

Incisions…… 3 to match on the other side, they say symmetry is beauty πŸ™‚

Im up!!! They say bring baggy trousers...nothing could prepare me for the size of my kardashian butt...Bring a skirt!!!

Im up!!! They say bring baggy trousers…nothing could prepare me for the size of my kardashian butt…Bring a skirt!!!

Gorgeous flowers from Mum when I got home. Thanks Mum!!

Gorgeous flowers from Mum when I got home. Thanks Mum!!

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Welcome to my blog, I will post here daily about my recovery from Simultaneous Bilateral Arthroscopy Surgey for FAI

Welcome!!! So Im one of you…..The person that is searching for some info on FAI, the operation and the Recovery. My operation is planned for the 1st March 2013 and yup, gulp, Im having both of my hips done in one go!!! Amazing πŸ™‚ My surgeon reassures me the following are true….

We have done about 80 bilateral surgeries
We are publishing our results
no extra pain
no extra painkillers taken
no extra time back to work
no extra complications
results just as good when compared to patients who had only one hip done.

So I guess I am hoping to confirm all of these things to be true!! Right now I am just preparing mentally, trying to cook a few meals for the freezer, trying to have as much fun as I can (whilst I still have my legs, as I put it!).

I will start blogging more this week and into next week with each post giving some details of how I got to where I am today, and then from the operation onwards I will disucss my recovery.

My surgeon is Dr Matt Brick of Orthosports in Auckland. I am 27 years old and by no means a professional athlete but am into everything, mountain biking, swimming, surfing, running etc. Less of the running at present! OUCH! More of the running in the future, yes please πŸ™‚

I hope me sharing my story can help to answer some questions for all of you.

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